How to pay invoices (member/parent)


Arjun Karthik

4/21/20231 min read

To pay an invoice:

1. Go to Menu > Payments.

  • All your invoices will be visible here. Note that these invoices will also have been emailed to you.

2. Select the invoice you would like to pay

3. Pay the invoice through one of the payment methods at the bottom of the invoice. See below for the different payment methods.

Payment Methods

There are currently up to 2 methods for you to make a payment. The payment methods available also depends on the methods which the admins have activated for your club/school.

1. Manual Bank Transfer

Under this option, you are shown the bank details that the admin(s) have provided.

From your personal bank account, you can transfer the specified money to the bank account given.

The admin(s) may later check if the invoice has been paid by analysing their bank account and mark the invoice as paid on Outcoach.

2. Stripe

This option allows you to easily and safely make payments through Stripe.

Simply select the Stripe option and insert your bank account details to make the payment.