Attendance tracking for all your classes made simple

An easy-to-use attendance tracking feature that lets your coaches and teachers mark the roll

Mark attendance after every class, training or event

Marking attendance is easy with Outcoach. Teachers simply have to use their phone to check-off names after each class which takes no longer than 15 seconds. Even if you're particularly busy that day, you can easily take overdue attendance or bulk attendance with a click of a button!

Have a full attendance history for each student

Each student has a custom profile with all the important information that you need with Outcoach's directory. Make record-keeping seamless with a 360 degree view of each student's attendace history so you can keep track of makeups, invoices and more.

Be notified of absences ahead of time to make planning easy

Each student and parent will also have free access to Outcoach from their phone so they can notify coaches and admins of future absences from the schedule screen. Easily organise fill-ins to get the most out of your schedule

Ready to measure progress easily?