Different methods to receive payments


Arjun Karthik

4/21/20231 min read

Outcoach provides business owners with different methods to receive payments from members &/or parents. To see the different payment methods, the admin need to go to Menu > Settings > Manage payment method.

When members &/or parents pay their invoice, they can currently pay in 2 ways:

1. Manual Bank Transfer

Under this option, admins can input the bank details of the account to which they would like to receive payments. Therefore, the admins must provide:

  • Account Name

  • BSB

  • Account Number

Note: be careful that the correct details to the personal/business bank account are provided so that the correct bank account receives the money.

As admins are able to change the bank detail fields, we recommend that you only assign people that you trust as admins

Once these details are saved, these bank details are provided to members/parents when they are making a payment.

Members/parents can use this option to manually transfer money into your bank account.

These payments will not be tracked by Outcoach since they're made manually. Therefore, to mark the invoice to manual bank transfers as 'paid', the admins must go to the Invoice and check "Mark as paid".

2. Stripe

This option allows admins to use Stripe for their payments so that members & parents can easily make payments in the app via Stripe.

For information on how to set-up a Stripe account, click here.

Though Stripe make payments a breeze for admins, it must be noted that Stripe takes a commission for every transaction. The fees can be found on their website.

If you're concerned about the safety of Stripe, you can read more about it here.